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The only airbrush tanning training school where you can find unbiased, independent, objective training & advice just to educate and empower you to have your own successful airbrush tanning business.  Learn our unique & flawless airbrush tanning technique that keeps your clients coming back again and again.

Los Angeles & Connecticut since 2011

Hands-on and online spray tanning training classes are offered in Los Angeles, California and Branford, Connecticut

Over 300 + students trained

Over 300 + students trained from over 30 states including international students from S. Korea, Canada, Denmark, Kuwait, Philippines, Marocco, Mexico

Unique Spray Tanning Technique

With our unique technique your clients are dry immediately, no stickyness, no smell and hardly any overspray in the area


Soon you can be experiencing these same kinds of results

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Simone was a wonderful instructor. She teaches her students her own custom designed spray tanning technique that leaves every tan looking flawless. This lets us stand out from other technicians. We are also trained on safety precautions. Simone doesn't try to sell her students on any specific product or equipment but teaches us about what's out there and lets us decide what we think is best for our business and our clients...

Jillian Martin - Cleveland, Ohio
John Doe UI/UX Designer

I learned a lot from Simone. The main thing is that her spray tanning technique is different than anything else I found out there with very little over spray. She taught me a lot about the business end of it and shared lots of marketing tools. I could go on and on because there was just so much that I learned from training with Simone. She is amazing..

Andrea Schwartzman - Manhatten, New York
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Some of our 300 + Graduates that we trained hands-on:

Boise, Idaho

Wichita, Kansas

Portland, Oregon

Washington, DC

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Onalaska, Texas

Atlanta, Georgia

Fairbanks, Alaska

Las Vegas, Nevada

Johnston, Rhode Island

International Graduates:

S. Korea



Island of Trinidad



It was great that I was able to practice with different types of guns to find out what felt right for me and learning Simone's flawless spray tanning technique, which is so unique. I also love how Simone has so many videos, as I can go back and refer to them at any time, and most of all the continued support on a daily basis as I continue to learn and questions arise. Simone is always there for me with a quick response!”

Heidi Lish - Los Angeles, California

Hollywood Airbrush Academy provides industry information that would take years of testing, which could be extremely costly to students to build a successful business. Literally, A to Z. Another plus is the constant support of the airbrush academy graduates and Simone at any time.

Christy Spivey - Phoenix, Arizona

The most important benefit was that I learned about different techniques, products and proper tanning safety.

Inese Ragland - Pacific Palisades, California

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