Simone Emmons is the founder and trainer of the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy.  She also owns her own Airbrush Tanning business in Los Angeles and still works as an Airbrush Tanning Technician. You can find more information about her own Airbrush Tanning business by going to www.SimonesAirbrushTanning.com.

Simone is originally from West-Berlin, Germany and has been living in the United states for over 24 years.  Her previous career was in Human Resources and she has worked for 18 years for many well known companies managing up to 800 employees all over the United States.  Simone has a track record of helping people from all walks of live to become successful.  During her human resources career, she has shared her knowledge and trained many assistants to become successful Human Resources professionals.  Her Human Resources background prepared her to become an entrepreneur in 2004.  She started several Internet businesses and still manages them today.

Simone started her own Airbrush Tanning business at a time when the economy hit rock bottom.  During the bad economy, she has been able to successfully grow her own Airbrush Tanning business and wants to share her knowledge and experience with as many people as possible.

Simone is passionate about helping YOU create your own successful Airbrush Tanning business.