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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Airbrush Tanning Training Course

No experience required -  No long-term schooling required

Do you need to have a Cosmetology License to do airbrush tanning?

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Benefits from Simone's training

There are countless benefits, I could write a book on it, but if I had to name my top two, then I would have to say that nothing can compare to the hands on training and spray tanning technique that Simone provides and teaches. Just due to that benefit on it's own, I know that I will be successful and be one of the best in the business. Nothing compares to the technique she taught me, and in addition sharing her own experiences and in debt knowledge of the business. I know that all my future clients will love every spray tan I give them - my first handful of clients all said that my spray tan was the best they have ever received - and I had just graduated from Simone's academy. Yes, I follow up on all my clients, just like I was taught to do. That to me says it all - the proof is in the pudding.

The second benefit to me is that I clearly saved thousands of dollars avoiding having to blindly try out countless solutions, spray guns and equipment. Wrong choices of products and equipment, plus spray tanning inexperience would have surely cost me clients, but most importantly it would have destroyed my reputation, before the ink dry on my logo even had a chance to dry.

I was taught what products, spray guns and general equipment to avoid, how to spray tan, why clients turn orange, how to market myself etc etc. I was spared the costly, potentially deadly trial and error phase and Simone is there for you to answering the countless questions her students will have after graduation.

Anyone serious about opening a spray tanning business would be foolish not to get trained by Simone, or any one of her qualified trainers. I invested in myself when I signed up with the academy, it was the best investment I ever made. If you want to be one of the best spray tanner's, then sign up with the Hollywood Airbrush Academy - My Mama use to say to me, "Don't be penny wise and pound foolish."

Simone is, to me, the Queen of spray tanning.

Angela Cain - Atascadero, California

I am so glad I chose The Hollywood Airbrush Academy! I was very hesitant at first because I live in Kansas and California is pretty far away. I was also hesitant because of the cost. But let me assure you that it is worth every penny! What the course is basically the spray tanning business in a box! You unpack the package, follow the step by step by step with ALL the directions, technicality, knowledge, experience and you will definitely be set up to succeed. All the research and the hard stuff is already done and layed out for you. There is even an online course to take before the initial training at the academy and a course after finishing up. I now have the knowledge and the confidence to go and start my airbrush business! Simone is also very down to earth and I throughly enjoyed my training with her. If you are thinking of attending the academy, definitely do it. It is the best thing I have done for my business. You will have everything you need in one package and I doubt you will get this kind of training anywhere! And I also need to mention that her tans last up to 10-14 days. Yes she is the bomb!

Aileena Minoshima - Wichita, Kansas

I'm one of Simone's first students from 5 yrs ago. Simone is such a good teacher. She was very patient with me I had a lot of questions & she spent 2 full days with me even though it's a one day class. I kept in touch with her every time I had a question. She also helped me build my business & now I have a very successful spray tan business. All thanks to Simone. I highly recommend going to her if u want to learn how to spray tan. She's the best!!!

Donna Feng - Las Vegas, Nevada

I took this course and it changed my life! I learned how to spray tan beautifully. My business is growing fast in such a short period of time and I constantly recieve compliments on my work. The Teacher is so patient and she knows her stuff I would definitely recommend this class if you want to be awsome. The classes are private and fun! Worth every $ Thanks again

Tiffany - San Diego, California

Last year I decided to get trained by Simone at Hollywood airbrush academy. Best! Decision I ever made not only did I learn about skin types, the right solution and not to mention her techniques are to the T! During my training Simone sprayed me and my tan lasted two weeks I can't thank you enough Simone, it's been a year since I attended her academy and I always get compliments on my technique that Simone taught me. If you're looking to learn how to spray CORRECTLY, Hollywood airbrush academy is the place to go

Vivian Enwiya - Modesto, California

I took Simone's course in December and I'm so happy I did! Before you meet with her at her studio in LA she has about 4.5 hours on video lessons so you can learn the basics. Then in person you learn her hands on technique that she has perfected over the years! She is so knowledgeable and not afraid to tell you her secrets! She truly wants her students to be the best even if they are in competition with her! She trains you on multiple guns and different solutions so you can decide what works best for you, so she isn't selling anything except her knowledge. She also covers the business side as well. Everything from getting your logo designed to designing your own website. She has saved me hours and hours and so much money with all of her tips and you can't put a price on that. Then there are more videos after you complete the course and you can always go back if you need a reminder. I text her constantly with questions and she is always right there to respond and help me out, unless she is with a client. I'm just now getting started and all of the people I have done have told me I have given them the best spray tan they have ever had! If you are considering learning spray tanning I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Heidi - Los Angeles, California

Simone has a unique technique. Her method is training person by person. It's worthy for me to take a long distance trip from Washington DC to attend her course. The result is perfect. I get a lot of complement from my tanning clients. Moreover, she guides me some strategy to build up clientele by using social media as well. I strongly recommend Simone for whoever wants to learn how to do airbrush tanning and to extend business in beauty industry.

Tammy Phan - Washington, DC

Having been a former client of Simone's and a huge fan of spray tanning, I decided I wanted to learn how to spray tan myself and get into the industry. I attended Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy and Would give it 10 stars if I could! Simone is extremely knowledgable on everything to do with airbrush tanning and openly shares all of her vast experience with her students. What stands out about this airbrush training course, is that not only are you taught spray tan method, products etc but she also gives complete guidance on the business aspect of starting and running your own spray tan business which you will not find elsewhere and which is invaluable!! The fact that she assists in this as well is just one of the many ways in which she exemplifies how much she truly wants each student to succeed! I highly recommend to anyone looking to gain A+ training, practical biz ideas and ongoing support. Thank you Simone!

Courtney Bennett - Granada Hills, California

I would like to say that Simone gave me so much more than just teaching me to apply a flawless spray tan!

"CONFIDENCE" i was so nervous about my technique, solution choices, equipment, pleasing my clients, advertising, etc. simone had suggested that i tan (20) people complimentary before i start charging, therefore i could get the practice and be 100% comfortable. She trained me so thoroughly that i began charging, after spray tanning only 6 people. Today, I could tan with my eyes closed because her technique is so "perfect"!

"CONTINUOUS EDUCATION" Since finishing the training with Simone, I have spoken with her MANY times. She embraces all my questions and concerns and always has time for me. Once you begin tanning people more frequently, a whole new set of questions will arise. I've called her with issues regarding skin types, client questions that i don't have the answer too, different brands of solutions & other additional products, cleaning my equipment, skin reactions and so much more!

"BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE" I wish i could share with you some of her infamous quotes but you will just have to hear them from her. Simone is not just an amazing spray tan technician and teacher, OH NO! She is a very wise entrepreneur, specializing in marketing and business. My business, Glow-N-Go-Mobile Tanning was up and running within the first month due to Simone's successful ideas and suggestions.

"FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES" Simone posted my information on her site as one of her students and a certified airbrush technician. It doesn't get better than that, as she is extremely high ranked in all the top search engines. Google her and see for yourself. Simone is currently expanding her businesses in many ways and i have no doubt that she will be recruiting her top pupils all over the country to assist her in future opportunities!

This tanning world has proven to be bigger than i ever expected! Good luck and enjoy the experience. You couldn't ask for a better teacher!

Louise Cole - Calabasas, California